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In April 2001, Han Seung-Soo was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. He was elected the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2001. Ban Ki-Moon was selected to be the chief of staff to general assembly president Han Seung-Soo. It's also about preserving Korean democracy.


Courageous, Valiant, Fearless

Kenji Nagai of APF news agency tries to continue taking photographs as he lies fatally injured

The sect -lend the Korean intelligence agents a respectable new facade- presented their Reverend as a new messiah and better than Jesus Christ and Siddhārtha Gautama and Muhammad. Even though they presented themselves as Christian. The agent who migrated to the US also revealed about their strong presence in the US and Japan -in connection with organized criminals-.

Many years later, I learned that they were associated with Nazi criminal.


But, surprisingly, this time the government admitted that Japan had already paid compensation. 08-14-2009 19:24 The administration said it came in the form of economic assistance of $3 billion, separate from the $5 billion in official development assistance that Japan gave to Korea in line with the reconciliation treaty in 1965. (Why did UN Secretary General -minister of foreign affaires and trade- Ban Ki-Moon's agent insisted that I should write about the compensation? Surprisingly, General Park Chung-Hee received it 44 years ago. What was the reason of hiding -official silence-?)

Former Spy Master Was Murdered by Paris Gang: Monthly Chosun Missing former KCIA Director Kim Hyung-wook was murdered in Paris in 1979 by a local crime syndicate at the orders of a KCIA operative, the Monthly Chosun reports. It said the KCIA lured Kim to the French capital, where the gang disposed of his body, a service for which it was paid by the operative. ... Former KCIA director Kim Hyung-wook, attending a U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee session in June 1977, gives damning testimony concerning the Yushin system of then-President Park Chung-hee. Updated Feb.18,2005 09:28 KST  ...Old Habits Never Die!


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