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Is it too late to prevent the ultimate catastrophe? Nuclear proliferation and Nuclear Terrorism

North Korea Says It’s Begun ‘Weaponizing’ Plutonium By Paul Tighe and Seonjin Cha Last Updated: September 3, 2009 19:12 EDT Reprocessing of spent fuel rods is “at its final phase and extracted plutonium is being weaponized,” the official Korean Central News Agency said today. “Experimental uranium enrichment has successfully been conducted to enter into the completion phase.”  N Korea 'in final uranium phase' North Korea has entered the final phase of uranium enrichment, the country's state media has reported. 4 September 2009 07:40 UK

Pakistani Taliban target nuclear air base in wave of bombings. The Pakistani Taliban targeted an air base believed to be one of the country’s secret nuclear weapons facilities on Friday among a wave of suicide bombings that killed at least 25 people across the country. By Saeed Shah in Islamabad Published: 3:49PM BST 23 Oct 2009

Judicial Terror: The conviction of Burma's opposition leader doesn't show clemency or compromise; it's a sign of the regime's desperation. By Melinda Liu | Newsweek Web Exclusive Aug 11, 2009

Defectors speak of nuke plans Aug 1, 2009 SYDNEY - NORTH Korea is helping Myanmar build a secret nuclear reactor and plutonium extraction plant to build an atomic bomb within five years, a report said on Saturday, citing the evidence of defectors. ... Moe Jo, a former army officer, allegedly told Ball he was trained for a 1,000-man 'nuclear battalion' and that Myanmar had provided yellowcake uranium to North Korea and Iran.

Burma's Suu Kyi charged under defunct constitution: trial witness Last Updated: Friday, July 10, 2009

Burma's Suu Kyi 'on hunger strike' Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma's detained opposition leader, is said to be on a hunger strike in protest at her country's brutal military regime. 27 Aug 2008

Terror suspect 'to get' Iran job Sunday, 23 August 2009 Just like Cho Jung-Pyo and (UN Secretary General and Minister of Foreign Affaires and Trade) Ban Ki-Moon and (Korea National Red Cross President) Yoo Chong-ha. Not unique case... just an old practice

President-elect Mr. Lee Myung-Bak! I’ll keep awaiting the appropriate termination and elimination of all political crimes and of this evil culture that today is destroying citizens. January 9, 2008

After Lee Myung-bak won the December 2007 presidential election, he nominated Han Seung-Soo as Prime Minister in late January 2008. Han's nomination was approved by the National Assembly on 29 February 2008. Cho Jung-pyo, outgoing first foreign minister, was named chief secretary to Prime Minister Han Seung-soo, which is a ministerial-level post. Feb. 29, 2008 Wikipedia. Park In-kook, deputy foreign minister for international organizations and global issues, has been named ambassador to the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Monday. Apr. 14, 2008 Burnt Offering and Sunshine Policy still alive!  [ To Lim Dong-Won, Park Geun-Hye (The meaning of 4th telephone ring? Why -just like Ban Ki-Moon’s diplomats’-? Four means death.), Kim Moon-Soo, Jung Mong-Jun (Chung Mong Joon), Lee Hoi-Chang and Chung Dong-Young.]

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Al-Qaeda and Taliban Complex and President Kim Dae-Jung's Hidden Terror Network

How can I compare two different organizations? They look different, but both of them are terrorist groups.

September 11, 2001 attacks, suicide bombings, kidnappings and ransoms in Afghanistan are attributed by such these terrorist groups as those of Taliban under Mullah Mohammed Omar and Al-Qaeda under Osama bin Laden. - Terrorist Groups

Taliban, which is an ally of Al-Qaeda headed by Osama bin Laden and looks for financial gain and political maneuvering power by kidnapping defenseless foreigners —including journalists and aid workers— and by killing hostages in order to secure their object without any hesitation. Taliban and Al-Qaeda’s activities are evident, they both behave as violent entities. [They intentionally display their brutal nature.]

Taliban refused to hand over the head of Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden for his involvement in the September 11 attacks —after a series of coordinated suicide attacks by Al-Qaeda. Taliban Insurgents are waging protracted guerrilla war against the president Hamid Karzai government of Afghanistan and allied NATO forces.

The Taliban claimed to use large sums of ransoms —extracted by means of terror, death threats and murders— handed over to secure the hostages release in Afghanistan have been used to procure weaponries and to launch acts of terror.

The Taliban were based in the Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan regions. Helmand province alone had a quarter of the area under opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan in 2005.

The total potential value of opium produced in Afghanistan reaches about billions. Only a small percentage of the profits generated by drug trafficking between criminals and terrorists groups would be more than sufficient for terrorists groups to plan, finance and implement acts of terror. Drugs have even been used as the currency in the case in the Madrid bombings. [Drug trafficking and the financing of terrorism]

UNODC representative in Afghanistan Christina Gynna Oguz said that Afghanistan produces 92 percent of all the illicit production in the world
and one province ‘Helmand’ produces 42 percent of the world total.
Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director of UNODC, said “while opium brings some revenue to Afghanistan, over 90 per cent of profits are made by international criminal gangs and terrorists networks”. UNODC notes about new heroin routes have emerged via Pakistan and via Central Asia to China and India. This drug money flowing into the funding of terrorism allows to ferment the instability in Afghanistan and the rest of the world. [New Measures Against the Afghan Opium Tsunami]

Mullah Mohammed Omar (Taliban) and Osama bin Laden (Al-Qaeda)

23 South Koreans were kidnapped by the Taliban (July 19, 2007). Two of 23 hostages were killed by the Taliban kidnappers. The remaining 21 hostages were released.

Historically, terrorism had a role as unacknowledged a state policy by such numerous totalitarian regimes under Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot. Terrorism is not just limited to such typical totalitarian regimes. - State Sponsored Terrorism

President Kim Dae-Jung’s political terror networks that tried to kidnap and murder a defenseless fellow citizen for political maneuvering of President Kim Dae-Jung —implemented by persons including  Ban Ki-Moon who is currently UN Secretary General — finally threatened the safety of their fellow citizens making them hostages, after the failure of other numerous bloody crimes including the use of psychotropic substances and germs (infectious agents using terrorism – bioterrorism). As a main difference with Taliban and Al-Qaeda, President Kim and UN Secretary General Ban’s criminal and terror networks remain unnoticed —behaving under the disguise of moderate and just entities— and armed with Hippocratic oath and diplomatic immunity and privileges.

President Kim who received Nobel peace prize does not acknowledge his terror acts committed and prepared at Brussels and Atlanta just like as he did with his secret illegal transfer of large amount of dollars to Kim Jong-Il. But President Kim and high ranking diplomats acknowledge what they did by committing criminal acts including bioterrorism and pharmacological and medical tortures and by delivering divers menacing words —Did we see it? Intelligence agencies of other countries are worse. Do you want to die? Why didn’t you end up dead? Why are you coming back (alive)? You are dead!—.

Unlike Al-Qaeda and Taliban, President Kim often committed bioterrorism by using infectious agents (germs) and use pharmacological and medical tortures, prostitution and bribery to facilitate his crimes and cover-up (corruption).

Ban Ki-Moon (UN Secretary General) Kim Dae-Jung (ex-President of ROK)

Since 1999, President Kim Dae-Jung tried to kidnap and murder a defenseless citizen. Ban Ki-Moon was one who was responsible for implementing the diplomatic philosophy or instructions of the President. [President Kim’s diplomats and thugs hide their brutal nature. They are armed with diplomatic immunity and privileges and Hippocratic Oath. May 07, 2007 - I received the same death threat I received from Cho (Jo) Dong-Il (July 2002, Seoul). (After verification of criminals (infectious agent using terrorism and pharmacological and medical tortures), Il-Won Dong, Gangnam Gu, Seoul)]


Al-Qaeda and Taliban complex used to have their bases of operation at caves and secret places in the inaccessible rugged mountain areas, but President Kim’s terrorists often prefer places such as UN, Presidential Palace (Blue House), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassy and cities like Atlanta, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Köln, New York, Washington DC and surely Los Angeles. Both of them showed their activities at Asia, EU and US.

Ban Ki-moon's Turkish agent, Ban Ki-Moon's Chinese [PRC, People's Republic of China] agents, Albanian Mafia - Albanian Organized Crime (AOC), Algerian in terrorist activity, Unclassified foreign agents - Belgian, Luxemburgian, Japanese Prostitutes Brussels and New York (UN)

Impressive differences have to be appreciated.

Nevertheless, all of these terrorist organizations see human life as being expendable. Terrorism is various harmful acts —ideologically and or politically motivated violence— committed and directed against selected civilian targets. Violence, psychological impact, political goal, intentional selection of civilians as terror targets and illegitimacy are observed in terror acts. Taliban is engaged in the kidnapping and murdering of foreigners. Diplomats and thugs under the command of Vice-Minister Ban Ki-Moon —UN Secretary General— and President Kim’s are engaged in doing the same against their fellow citizens.

Terrorism hurts all nations -- large and small, rich and poor. It takes its toll on human beings of every age and income, culture and religion. It strikes against everything the United Nations stands for. The fight against terrorism is our common mission.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a statement to UN Member States on 16 February 2007 (What he said that day in front of the world is not what he did in Brussels, Atlanta and his Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)

As everybody knows, terrorist networks have crucial roles in the destabilization of world wide security, peace and prosperity; UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and two concerned Presidents know it too. They stand and strikes “against everything the United Nations stands for”.

Ban Ki-moon's Turkish agent, Ban Ki-Moon's Chinese [PRC, People's Republic of China] agents, Albanian Mafia - Albanian Organized Crime (AOC), Algerian in terrorist activity, Unclassified foreign agents - Belgian, Luxemburgian, Japanese Prostitutes

UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, do I have to accept your money and your woman-offer? Do I have to do it?

UN Secretary General Ban KI-Moon! You should keep in mind the shrewd handling that took place in the National Assembly’s office, the sly manipulation committed by a high profile ex-politician, the death threats against a defenseless citizen delivered from diplomats for Presidents and their other criminal attempts —bribery (corruption), providing a woman (prostitution) and taking my family hostage—! Those are all evil acts, they constitute your own crimes! UN Secretary General Ban! You have to solve this problem accordingly —your crimes, terrorist acts and those of two Presidents—, as you have promised to do in your statements, as you have to do with concerned UN conventions and treaties.

In April 2001, Han Seung-Soo was appointed the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. He was elected the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2001. Ban Ki-Moon was selected to be the chief of staff to general assembly president Han Seung-Soo.

“Victims of forced labor by Japan seek litigation for compensation.... But, surprisingly, this time the —Korean— government admitted that Japan had already paid compensation. 08-14-2009 19:24 The administration said it came in the form of economic assistance of $3 billion, separate from the $5 billion in official development assistance that Japan gave to Korea in line with the reconciliation treaty in 1965.” (Why did U.N. Secretary General —Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade— Ban Ki-Moon's agent insist that I should write about the issue of compensation — instead of the elimination of the political gangster culture? It happened at the entrance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Surprisingly, General Park Chung-Hee received it 44 years ago. What was the reason for hiding it — the continued official concealment under the Kim Dae-Jung and Roh Moo-Hyun regimes? Many victims and their families are already dead without knowing about this elaborate deed by Park Chung-Hee.)

In addition to KCIA's frequent attempts widely used by the military government to actively suppress any possible obstacles such as protest movements in Korea, KCIA was extensively involved in the activities against overseas Koreans that the military regime did not like.

As an example, KCIA kidnapped several overseas Koreans in West Germany -East Berlin Massive Abduction Case in 1968-. Kim Hyung-Wook -one of favorites and confidents of Park Chung-Hee- was the head of KCIA.

There have been persistent rumors over the years that Kim Hyung-Wook was kidnapped and murdered after his prepared exile at the US.

According to an Korean Newspaper, the longest serving head of South Korean Central Intelligence Agency (NIS) was murdered by a French Mafia hired by KCIA -South Korean Government, President Park Chung-Hee, Head of KCIA Kim Jae-Kyu-. His last was seen in Paris in Oct. 1959.

The victim Kim Hyung-Wook, served as as the head of KCIA from 1963 to 1969 (5years 3months). He became an outspoken adversary of the Park Chung-Hee's harsh rule and disappeared mysteriously on October, 1959.

What the cases showed is that those apparatuses of state intelligence section was operated at the will of a military dictatorial regime of Park Chung Hee instead of in accordance with the will to protects those citizens the regime had to protect.

Protecting Korean citizens was not the primordial needs of the regime and can not be compatible with the mentality that allowed and executed all the atrocities.

It is tragic that such barbarism resides in our intelligence system and is displayed again more than a decayed later.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, said philosopher George Santayana.

Without the political ideas and hands of Park Chung-Hee, Korean intelligence Apparatus such as KCIA (currently NIS) should behaved very differently.

At that time, there was a pandemonium in South Korea.

After the death of Kim Hyung-Wook, the president Park who was responsible of the the death of Kim Hyung-Wook was killed by his right hand man -the head of KCIA- Kim Jae-Kyu (October 26, 1979). The head of the excuse -defense- of Kim Jae-Kyu (Kim Jae-Gyu) was the prevention of expected bloodsheds in South Korea. He defended that he believed that President Park would take the advice of his head of presidential security -Cha Ji-Chul-. The advice was that the president had to take a harsh measure that could be ready to sacrifice large portion of citizens of those concerned regions -such as Busan and Masan- to consolidate its grip of power.

[During my university years, -after the killing of president Park- I had to confront a mysterious agent Pullman was was just one of those encircled me. One of those he said was the Park's measure against the catastrophic situation developed in those regions -such as Busan and Masan-. Agent Pullman advanced that Park regime expected order of 10 % (in Korean term "Hal".) Before the killing of President Park, they treated me as a pro-American and after his death, I was treated as anti-American communist. Pullman said that Park was a communist and tried to developed atomic bombs. October 2, 2009]

It was a bloody October -the elimination of exiled Kim Hyung-Wook and the killing of his ex boss Park Chung-Hee-.

I thought that Park was the only one person who can be the president of my country -when I was young-.



President Roh Moo-Hyun Special lecture in Yonsei University on "Let us cut off the politics-economics and politics-press adhesion." On 27th, the President said, "We have to get rid of the exclusive and privileged 'gangster culture' that remains in our political power." "In the gangster culture, they have strict laws established for themselves. They don’t respect any law toward the outside world. Internally, they have powerful rule, and have strict relations of loyalty and compensation. It is an exclusive privilege group. People in general suffer because there are unfair transactions among them. This is the reason why I am trying to cut off the connection between political and economic powers." May 27, 2004 What he said was correct. Also he, just like his predecessor Kim Dae-Jung,  was one of them.


Crimes and Terror Acts (Profitable Business for the terrorists and their politicians)

Daily Life

2009.11.05 "Too much workload for heart?"

2009.09.16 Irritating chemical substances — second package from Amazon.com (delivered on Sept. 11, 2009)

2009.09.12 Intimidation by using chemical irritants (Recently, I discovered that the package delivered from Amazon.com was contaminated by this kind of respiratory-irritating substances. 2009.09.11 I was at home.)

2009.09.05 Vandalism

2008.06.05 Making firearms - Incitement

2008.05.29 Manipulated address (2008.04.18)

2008/05/05 13:36 Threat — Adorned with the word “Public Prosecutors Office”

2008/05/05 13:36 Threat -Decorated with the word “Public Prosecutors Office”-

2008/05/04 Death Threats

2008/05/02 Survived (narrowly escaped)

2007/12/07 To Presidential Candidates Chung Dong-Young, Lee Hoi-Chang and Lee Myung-Bak

2007/10/02 Assault and battery in front of the Presidential Palace (at the Kindergarten level). They erased some photos, re-set my video camera, and destroyed and damaged my cameras (there were policemen continuously insulting and threatening me in the midst of the police, until evening time.)

2007/09/28 (Website) Hosting Setup - A few hours later — Arson



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Oh Young-Whan: Dec. 1997 Counsellor, Korean Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and Korean Permanent Mission to the European Union in Brussels, Aug. 2007 Consul-General, Korean Consulate General in Osaka, Japan

To President-elect Lee Myung-Bak and former GNP chairwoman Park Geun-Hye 07/12/21

To Presidential Candidates Lee Myung-Bak, Lee Hoi-Chang and Chung Dong-Young,- Justice delayed, justice decayed. 07/12/07


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